Allez les Ramparts!

“What are you doing Saturday or Sunday? I’m free this weekend. But come Monday I go back to being a slave.”

– Jarod Kintz

This weekend I spend rather a lot of time at the ice rink in Tours; a rather chilly place to be. Firstly, last night I went to my first ever sporting match! Crazy I know but I’ve never been much of a sports fan. It was an ice hockey match between Tours (Les Ramparts) and Reims (Les Phenix), and it was surprisingly great fun. I went with quite a few of the international students; someone had mentioned about going and I thought, “Ah why not?!”. We had all met up and purchased our ticket on the door (7€ for a student; not bad at all!) and we all managed to squish into a row right at the front. There was such a good atmosphere and everyone got really behind the team, including the classic booing when someone was kicked off, and the almighty cheer when someone scored; both for Tours obviously! There was also a lot of “ooooooo”s when players crashed obscenely to the ground or into each other, but they were straight back up and running across the ice without any look of effort at all. These guys have legs of steel! Tours won, and it was a great night which I would happily do again; mainly because I could get another hot dog, but probably after my ears have recovered from all the noise.

Allez les bleus!

Allez les bleus!

After the match we went to Place Plumereau, in the old part of Tours (very popular among students here). There’s loads of bars and restaurants that are open until late, and it’s a chilled environment where you can hang out, chat and enjoy a drink. I had my first pint of beer, and kind of enjoyed it, mainly thanks to the fact that you can order beer here with a syrup which makes drinking it a whole lot more bearable. So we sat down under the heaters and enjoyed our Kronenbourgs avec pêche until closing time when the barman got very impatient and practically kicked us out. I arrived back to my room at 3am feeling that I’d had an awesome night and could sleep well.

There was more ice action today as we’d decided that going for another round at ice skating ourselves would be a great idea, seeing as though practically everywhere else is closed on a Sunday. I was secretly crapping myself because falling on my poorly knees again after last time was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do to myself. However, it was great fun again, even though I tripped some poor boy up with the back of my skates (SORRY!) and I feel like my body has had it’s burst of exercise for the month or two to come.

All smiles on the ice :D

All smiles on the ice 😀 That’s me, right there!

This exercise was blighted however by our trip to the ever popular Patacrêpe, where I demolished a beautiful work of Nutella art. Nutella: I’ve surrendered to you again, but next time I will win!



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