What day is it today…?

“Thank you, Daniel, that is very good to know. But if staying here means working within 10 yards of you, frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s arse.”

-Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones’s Diary

It’s okay, I know it’s Tuesday, but the last two days have slightly blurred into one! I think it’s a way of coping when you get to Monday because it is generally just a crap day, so you try to squish the two days together in order to make them more bearable. I have also been getting slightly confused today; I have been doing that thing when you can’t find something and it’s in your hand, or right in front of your eyes. People must think I’m generally crazy, especially with the amount of times I’ve said “pardon?!” today too!

Anyway….. Classes started again yesterday, exciting stuff I must say. Mondays begin at 12:30 with an interpreting class between French and English, followed by two hours of Tandem (I’ll get to this) and finally two hours of Italian, which means getting home at 19:30 to an incredibly busy kitchen and having to wait to cook while my belly growls for Britain. Note to self: never agree to share a kitchen with anyone. Ever again.

To explain ‘Tandem’, it is a conversation with a French student for an hour, where we speak for half and hour in French and the other half in English. It’s actually rather helpful, and it means I can speak to lots of different people, without having to do the awkward social introductions; “Hey, you don’t know me but please speak to me!”. No, I’m joking, I’m not that awkward, but Tandem is actually great to practice French on a one to one basis.

Today (Tuesdays) consist of a painfully early start at 9am (I am a terrible morning person), which is my translation class from English to French, which is exclusively for exchange students. I got a test mark back today; I got 16/20, so I’m super happy! I then have a lovely four hour break, where I can come home, chill and become a normal, functioning human being by drinking a cuppa. However today this was not as chilled as I hoped it would be, as my kitchen was locked. Yes, they lock the kitchens here with closing times. I assume to stop drunk people burning us to death at 3am. Today it was locked at midday though! So in my distress that I was not able to cook food, and there was no Nutella in my cupboard as back up, I went to reception to ask if there was a key. The man told me “La cuisine est trop sale.” Too dirty?! You want to see some of the student kitchens in Portsmouth! He made it out that it was solely my fault, I was not impressed. All was not lost though, I snuck down to the kitchen downstairs. It finally opened at 20:00, when we had to clean up the few crumbs, the fork and the bin bag that had made the place a pigsty. Sarcasm intended here.

At 14:30 I return for my French to English translation for exchange students, and finally at 17:00 I have a Spanish translation class. My teacher, Madame Fintzel, is not a nice lady.In fact she is so mean, she moved a student for talking (she’s old school). I got a test mark back for this class too. Didn’t do quite as well; 0.5/6. But it was made better because, before handing our results out Madame Fintzel made a point of announcing how terribly we’d all done. I think I like her really.

Tonight was much more fun though! I went and cooked with the girls downstairs and we then continued to have a girly night with popcorn, sweets, wine (tea for me!) and Bridget Jones. Any girl’s dream night in. Men – take note. It almost felt as though I was back at home, it was great and Bridget Jones is hilarious every time.

Tomorrow looks promising, I’m off out for food with friends in the evening! Either Thai or sushi, we’ve not decided yet. Either way it will be good to have food cooked for me and not have to be locked out of my kitchen again. I do not understand the French at all sometimes.



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